Frameless Balustrades

When deciding on a balustrade system, there are a number of different options for the materials and construction.

Frameless Balustrade System

A frameless handrail or balustrade system looks really sleek and gives a clean minimal look. There are a couple of solutions for our frameless balustrades, the Easy Channel System and the Panel Grip Dry Glaze system.

Whichever system you choose, the options for the glass panels are 12mm , 15mm & 19mm toughened or toughened/laminated.

Easy Channel System

The Easy Channel System is a very easy system to install and involves no mess or pouring cement. By simply clamping the glass and slotting it into the specially-designed channel, a strong connection between the base and the glass is formed. Your glass balustrade is sturdy and secure with minimum fuss or effort.

Another advantage of this system is the ease with which you can cut the channel, causing minimal wastage and making custom fit designs easy.

Panel Grip Dry Glaze System

Similar to the Easy Channel System, the Panel Grip Dry Glaze System involves no messy pouring of cement or waiting for it to dry. It saves labour time by up to 80% without requiring sealing of the shoe, setting of blocks or any plumbing of glass.

Despite the base shoes being 30% lighter than standard base shoes, these balustrades are strong and meet structural the load requirements for railings.

We Can Help You Choose

We’ll be happy to advise you on the most suitable system for your requirements, and remember that all the balustrades we supply come with completely FREE fitting.

To speak with Andy, you can call him on his mobile: 07876 444340 or email:

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Free Fitting?

Yes - all our balustrades come with free site surveying, measurement and fitting..

Despite this, our prices are amongst the most competitive in the UK!

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Recent Customer Review

by Duncan & Val on Steel and Glass Balustrades
Highly Recommended

From our initial enquiries with Steel & Glass, to final fitting, Andy has given excellent sevice. The end to end process has been excellent and the balustrade has added quality and functionality to our rather windy patio. The balustrade itself is impressive and high quality, at a good price.Finallly, our thanks to Andy and his colleague for all their help and professionalism. Although we recommend these guys, we trust them too.

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