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  • address – address of the location to display on the map
  • latitude – the latitude of the location to display on the map (an alternative to providing the address)
  • longitude – the longitude of the location to display on the map (an alternative to providing the address)
  • zoom – the initial zoom level of the map
  • html – the HTML to display in the popup that is launched when the location marker is clicked
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  • zoomcontrol – whether you want to display the zoom control (the plus and minus buttons for zooming in and out)
  • maptypecontrol – whether you want to display the map type control (letting the user choose between "map" and "satellite" display)
  • scalecontrol – whether to display the scale control (the marking that tells you the distances represented in the map).
  • overviewmapcontrol – whether to display the overview map control (the arrow in the bottom right corner that expands to show the region currently being viewed).
  • scrollwheel – whether the map should zoom in and out in response to scrolling via a mouse scrollwheel.
  • maptype – the type of map you want to display (roadmap, satellite, hybrid or terrain).
  • marker – whether you want to display the red marker showing the location specified by the address or longitude/latitude attributes.
  • style – CSS class names that you'd like to add to the map element (can be used to style the map control via CSS).
  • full – set to true if you want the map to span a full-width page
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Yes - all our balustrades come with free site surveying, measurement and fitting..

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Recent Customer Review

by Duncan & Val on Steel and Glass Balustrades
Highly Recommended

From our initial enquiries with Steel & Glass, to final fitting, Andy has given excellent sevice. The end to end process has been excellent and the balustrade has added quality and functionality to our rather windy patio. The balustrade itself is impressive and high quality, at a good price.
Finallly, our thanks to Andy and his colleague for all their help and professionalism. Although we recommend these guys, we trust them too.

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