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The [video] shortcode lets you insert a video embed that automatically resizes to fill its parent container. The idea is that you can add a video to a page and have it display correctly on all devices - desktop, tablet and mobile. Resize the window and watch as the video embeds below resize correctly. You can also click it to launch lightbox.

Get The Code

<!-- YouTube Embed -->
[video src="" width="300" height="200"]

<!-- Vimeo Embed -->
[video src="" width="300" height="200"]

Customization Options

  • src – the URL of the video you want to embed
  • width – the width and height will be used to maintain the aspect ratio of the video as it is resized
  • height – the width and height will be used to maintain the aspect ratio of the video as it is resized
  • autoresize – whether or not you want the responsive autoresize to run
  • autoplay – whether to start playing the video as soon as the page is loaded
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Recent Customer Review

by Duncan & Val on Steel and Glass Balustrades
Highly Recommended

From our initial enquiries with Steel & Glass, to final fitting, Andy has given excellent sevice. The end to end process has been excellent and the balustrade has added quality and functionality to our rather windy patio. The balustrade itself is impressive and high quality, at a good price.
Finallly, our thanks to Andy and his colleague for all their help and professionalism. Although we recommend these guys, we trust them too.

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